Best Tips for Practicing Guitar at Home

By Sylvie Abate for Guitar on Demand

Develop a postive mindset. A positive attitude increases your confidence, enhances motivation, and helps to achieve goals.

Find somewhere quiet. Find a quiet practice area, whether it's a certain room or just a corner of a room. A quiet space will help you focus.

Get Comfortable Using Subtonic's Sheet Music on Your Device. As a Gutiar on Demand student, you will be using Subtonic's Interactive Sheet Music. Make sure you can comfortably sit in front of your computer screen or device. If you are using your phone, you may want to put your phone on a music stand. Sit towards the edge of your chair. You should use a chiar without arms so that your hands and forearms can move freely. The top of your computer screen should be at eye level so that you are not straining your neck.

Set Up Your Practice Tools. A tuner and metronome are essential tools for practicing the guitar. You can use a tuner or a guitar tuning app like GuitarTuna. But, since you will be using Subtonic's Interactive Sheet Music, you do not have to buy a metronome. Subtonic has a built-in Metronome ready to go!

Have a goal for each practice session before you start playing. Just playing through your music isn't the same thing as practicing. Before you start, think: What do I want to accomplish today?

Warm up . Lots of musicians start with a few exercises or scales to warm-up. This gets your brain and your fingers thinking about technique. has free scales and arpeggios that you can warm-up to for beginner, intermediate and advanced player.

Practice slowly. It is very important to practice slowly. Increase your tempo only when you can play the music well at a slow tempo. Subtonic's built-in metrome and interactive sheet music will help you track your progress. Practice smarter. Make the most of the time you have. If you are having trouble with a tricky measure, set your timer for a short period (like five or 10 minutes), and then work on just that measure then put it aside. Come back to it the next day and work on it a little more. It is better to practice for shorter periods of time, and be focused, then to practice for long periods without focus.

Reward yourself. When you meet your goals, reward yourself. Be proud of your accomplishments. Upon completion of your lesson, record it and share it with Subtonic's recording tools and apply for a Guitar on Demand Guitar Achievement Certificate.

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